Welcome to Backer’s Creative Crowdfunding Platform

A warm welcome to all creators and backers of new and innovative artistic projects. We hope you find this website a valuable tool for getting your projects off the ground. Backer’s crowdfunding platform is specifically designed to help artists working in all areas of fine art, music, dance, film, theatre, writing and design. Creators can easily set up a campaign and start raising money as soon as a project page is approved. See our Getting Started guide on the Help page for more information.

Our Goal

We aim to present a wide range of creative crowdfunding projects for all kinds of artists and arts organisations in a clean, uncluttered way, in turn making it easy to convey your ideas and raise support. We want more artists to be able to turn their creative visions into reality without being contrained by budget or cashflow.

Benefits of Backer

Backer’s fees are very low. We only charge a 3% flat fee plus the usual card processing fees; much lower than most creative crowdfunding websites. We also offer a lot of support to make sure your campaign looks and feels right before launching. Simply submit your project and we’ll review it and give you lots of relevant guidance and tips to make it work.

More Information

Before submitting a project or if you are interested in backing an existing project, visit our Explore page to search all Backer projects. You will need to Register in order to start a new project. Once you are logged in, you can visit your Dashboard where you will be able manage your account and Create a Project. To get started or to browse frequently asked questions and rules, please see our Help page. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Backer was designed by artists for artists. Find out more About Us.

We want creativity to speak for itself so our website is designed to be a blank canvas for artists, composers, performers, choreographers and writers to fill with their great ideas. Our job is to support you in anyway we can and to attract backers to fund your projects. We hope you enjoy using our website and we look forward to seeing your ideas and supporting them in any way we can!

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